Along Violet is passionate about making introspective indie rock.  We use melodic rhythms and poetic lyrics, layered and textured with agile vocals and guitar driven hooks.

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New song 

Hey Visitors! 


Be sure to check out our new song "Implosion."  We recorded multiple mixes of this track at Bill's Studio and this one is our favorite! Enjoy!


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Along Violet x

Along Violet's new song 

Hey Visitors! 


Our new song is ready! Be sure to check out  "The Problem Is Now."  


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Along Violet x

March 2, 2018 

Hey there!

Just added a live clip of "Live With It."  Please check it out. :)


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Feb. 20, 2018 

First post of 2018! Please check out "Sick Girl" a new song added to our playlist. We are currently working on a new single called "The Problem is Now" and will have a preview soon. Also began working on video for "Implosion," check back for details.


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Sept. 2, 2017 

Welcome back Along Violet visitors! We have posted a preview of our forthcoming single "Implosion." We are finishing up the final mix of the song at Bill's Studio for the band's first self-produced release. We have been spending time this summer writing new songs, also coming soon.  Stay tuned!


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Along Violet Update 

Welcome back to our site! Just a little update on what the band is up to. We are busy writing new songs and are getting ready to record them at Colourbox Studios in Ventura. We have posted a rough demo of "Implosion," recorded at Bill's Studio and are going to be shooting our first video for this song. Stay tuned.

Please check out our latest song posting called "Revolving Door." Enjoy!

Along Violet  x

January 23, 2017 

Yo Along Violet visitors!  Welcome to our site.  No posts in a while but hey, we are still writing!  Soon to be performing when all the storms subside!  See our live at Bill's studio performance of Implosion written and performed by Along Violet.  Check back soon to see where we will be performing songs like these near you!  Enjoy the rest of the site and see you all soon!

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